XBOX | 215 McCann
2018 Clio Awards, Bronze | AdWeek | David Reviews


XBOX | 215 McCann
2018 Clio Awards, Bronze | AdWeek | David Reviews

STATE OF DECAY explores what grace and kindness could look like, post collapse. I'm not sure that is what the agency originally had in mind, but since I dont know the first thing about the zombie genre, yet love telling stories about strong characters being vulnerable (and compassionate, enduring and selfless), this is what our little film became. And fortunately, this human approach was very much encouraged, not only by 215 McCann, but from XBOX as well.

These two films were shot over two dusty days in Lake Elsinore, at an abandoned military academy that we had to hop fences and knock on doors to convince to let us film there. There was a felt sense of horror in the facility -- long since it had running water or power. This envoirnment contained the intense psychological world, demanding the cast and crew to live in it as well. Actually, for our intensely hard working actors, including the legendary Henry Sanders (Killer of Sheep), the commited Pisay Pao, and Travis Hammer, there was very little comfort to be found.

John Lynch brought the story to life with austere and evocative camera work, filming within the vivid Ethan Tobman built sets. Astrid Gallegos designed the costumes and Pete Koob devotedly cut these director versions of the edit.

The original films are 4 minutes each which are viewable here: Nurse + Coach.


Nurse: Pisay Pao
Coach: Henry Sanders
New Nurse: Travis Hammer

215 McCann
Creative Director: Neil Bruce
Copywriter: Andy Holdeman
Art Director: Zach Lepine
Agency Producer: Jeremy Arth

Executive Producer:Rick Jarjoura
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Producer: Andrew Travelstead
Cinematography: John Lynch
Production Designer: Ethan Tobman
Costume Design: Astrid Gallegos
First AD: Craig Owens
Editor: Pete Koob | Cut & Run
Colorist: Tom Poole
Casting: Lisa Fields