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Winner of The Webby Award

QUARANTINE represents my first grown-up adventure with short films. It was commissioned by FOX and VICE as a prequel to DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES to help bridge the ten year gap between RISE and DAWN. At the end of RISE, the Simian Flu is spreading, by DAWN, only 10% of the world has survived.

I was initially inspired by a photograph from the Fukushima disaster of a woman behind glass looking at her dog. This intense moment, with very little context, became a meditation on how a disaster can sever a family in an instant. In our story, an uncontainable Simian Flu outbreak forces all of the healthily citizens to flee the city. Most of the film is set at the Caldecott Tunnel, where a FEMA checkpoint quarantines sick passengers to prevent the flu from spreading beyond the contamination zone. While all this is a big budget backdrop, ultimately I wanted to tell an emotional story about the love and connection of an imperfect family amidst dire circumstances. Today’s Covid-19 climate doesn’t feel too far removed from the world we created with QUARANTINE. The only thing we overestimated was the governmental response. In our defense, we shot this during the Obama era.

The production was incredibly fast, with just a couple weeks from green light to delivery. I created the film with a lot of amazing folks including cinematographer Chase Irvin, screenwriter Brian Duffield and my two dear friends, Isabelle Albuquerque and Jon Beasley (from the band Hecuba) as the leads. Jon also composed the score. We shot it on 35mm film and shut down an entire section of downtown Los Angeles to create the Quarantine.

Sarah: Isabelle Albuquerque
Molly: Gracie Miller
Abe: Jon Beasley


Written by Isaiah Seret & Brian Duffield
Executive Producer: Kerstin Emhoff
Producer: Ali Brown
Co-­‐Producer: Jonathan Lynch
Vice Creative Director: Danny Gabai
Director of Photography: Chayse Irvin
Production Designer: Andrew Clark
Stylist: Mindy Le Brock
Hero Make-­‐up: Bethany McCarty
SFX Make-­‐up: Kerin Jackson
Editor: Kyle Brown
Music by: Jon Beasley
Sound Mixer / Sound Designer / Sound Editor: Mike Weinstein
Colorist: Benny Estrada
1st A.D.: Bac DeLorme
Associate Producer: Nick Miller
Post Supervisor: Karl Reid

Special Thanks:
Daniel Cohan, Aaron Ginsburg, Terry Leonard, Luke Lynch, Jessica Seret, EFILM, Osk Studio, Panavision, Shark Pig, William Morris Endeavor

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