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Winner of The Webby Award

Coming upon a year of lockdown, I have decided to post on my 2015 short film for the PLANET OF THE APES franchise, QUARANTINE. We did get a lot right, however, the one thing we overestimated was the governmental response, but in our defense, it was made in the Obama era. 

Details + Credits Below


QUARANTINE, commissioned by FOX as a prequel to DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES aims to bridge the ten year gap between RISE and DAWN.

Set amidst the Simian Flu pandemic, FEMA isolation zones have been set up to screen those evacuation from the cities. Set in the Caldecott Tunnel, we focused on the emotional story about the family connection against the most heartbreaking of circumstances. 

With just a couple weeks from green light to delivery we rushed to create this with an amazing group of artists. With beautiful cinematographer by Chayse Irvin, screenplay by Brian Duffield and myself, and my two dear friends, artists Isabelle Albuquerque & Jon Beasley as the leads. Jon also composed the score and it was shot it on 35mm film.

Sarah: Isabelle Albuquerque
Molly: Gracie Miller
Abe: Jon Beasley


Written by Isaiah Seret & Brian Duffield
Executive Producer: Kerstin Emhoff
Producer: Ali Brown
Co-­‐Producer: Jonathan Lynch
Vice Creative Director: Danny Gabai
Director of Photography: Chayse Irvin
Production Designer: Andrew Clark
Stylist: Mindy Le Brock
Hero Make-­‐up: Bethany McCarty
SFX Make-­‐up: Kerin Jackson
Editor: Kyle Brown
Music by: Jon Beasley
Sound Mixer / Sound Designer / Sound Editor: Mike Weinstein
Colorist: Benny Estrada
1st A.D.: Bac DeLorme
Associate Producer: Nick Miller
Post Supervisor: Karl Reid

Special Thanks:
Daniel Cohan, Aaron Ginsburg, Terry Leonard, Luke Lynch, Jessica Seret, EFILM, Osk Studio, Panavision, Shark Pig, William Morris Endeavor