Adweek Ad of the Day

This film, in honor of Eliud Kipchoge's record-breaking marathon, was initially conceived as a cinematic title sequence. And with our runner already in Berlin for his historic race, it seemed our spot was destined for text-only production. But emotionally that didn’t feel right. Emotionally I wanted to experience being inside the runner's mind, and then learning, it was not the runner’s mind, but our own. With our hero by our side all along.

We constructed this with a carefully discovered piece of existing footage, which I timed into our camera, and Jamm composited into our world. In order to achieve the pacing, we wanted to move at 13 miles an hour, Kipchoge’s unbelievable marathon pace, and then lay out the text in irregular intervals to modulate our experience of momentum as the spot progresses. This was layout was created in a meticulous three days of pre-vis at Jamm, and then diagrams were printed and applied to the Lancaster landscape. With Alwin Kuchler, steady on the camera truck, and Alexis Ross with the practical sign painting, we then shot the title elements and camera moves practically.

*Fastest Ever is part of the Nike, Just Do It, film series, which includes the honorable work of the Dream Crazy campaign.


Agency: Widen + Kennedy Portland
Creative Director: Rodrigo Mendes
Creative Director: Caio Mattoso
Agency Producer: Mauricio Granado + Tiffany Golden

Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Jeff McDougal
Producer: Jonathan Wang
Cinematography: Alwin Kuchler
Production Designer: Alexis Ross
First AD: Craig Owens

Editorial Company: Joint

Editor: Nicholas Davis

VFX Studio: JAMM

VFX Supervisor/ Lead Compositor:  Brian Hajek

CG Artist: Stew Burris

CG Artist: Zachary Dimaria

CG Artist: Fred Hopp

VFX Producer: Justine Pregler

Executive Producer: Asher Edwards

Music Supervision: Walker

Song: Tree’s by Robert DiPietro
Mix Company: Joint

Audio Mixer: Noah Woodburn
Sound Design Company: Joint

Sound Designer: Noah Woodburn