XBOX | 215 McCann
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Shots Awards 2022, Directon - Bronze | AICP Awards 2022, Advertising Excellence/Campaign | Andy Award Winner, Craft | Cannes Lions  (Production Design, Sound Design) Shortlist

This project was always about a triumphant return to Halo origins. Uncovering the legacy of Master Chief. Master Chief has always been unreadable. Here we have a chance to deep dive into the emotional currents of people who helped make him. Who crafted his armor. Built his weaponry. Thematically we touch on committed heroism of Unspoken, blind dedication in Magnes and sacrifice in Lightbringers. Three stories that help Halo  leap into the infinite.

Below are the full films, that make up, Infinite.


XBOX | 215 McCann

The process for this script is two-fold. To immerse ourselves in the claustrophobia of the trapped mine on an outer colony. And expand the human and psychological world while we do it. A DISASTER FILM AT ITS HEROIC ENDING.  


XBOX | 215 McCann

Magnus is a mother daughter story. That was the key, to know who our hero, Rivas, is. This human connection, amidst a genre film of discovery, drive, and achievement, is anchored in this narrative. This was a special project, as I loved working with Lubina Azabal and @priyablackburn. The dialogue, arriving from each of their strengths, becoming personal in their ability to complete each others thoughts.


XBOX | 215 McCann

A MOVING PORTRAIT OF TRAUMA. Of expression without words, but with a captivating performance. One that is delivered an elegant dance of the hands.  

Here are a few of Fiona’s sketches for the sets.
And last item -- a sweet reaction video the 215 folks put togethere...


Starring: Jamal Ajala @jamalajala95 (UNSPOKEN)
Starring: Daniel Bowerbank @danieljbowerbank (LIGHTBRINGERS)
Starring: Lubina Azabal and Priya Blackburn @priyablackburn (MAGNUS)

215 McCann
CCO: Scott Duchon
CD: Alper Kologlu
CD: Brad Meyersacd
Copywriter: Andy Holdeman

Production Company: @biscuit.filmworks 
Service Company: @tuna_fish_tuna_icon
Agency: @215mccann
Managing Director: @shawnbullen
Executive Producer: @andrewtravelstead
Head of Production: Rachel Glaub / @seanlmoody
Producer: @jeffmcdougall
US Production Supervisor: @enanic
Local Line Producer: Aleksandra Babić
1st AD: Atilla Yucer 
Director of Photography: @steveannisdop
Production Designer: @fiona_crombie_
Special FX: Legacy
Art Director: @porupca
Wardrobe Design: Bojana Nikitović and @janazaha
Makeup Artist: @tanja.vidanovic
Hair Stylist: Jelena Dujović
SFX Makeup: @lakobrijafx
Gaffer: Dragan Šapić Shapa
Key Grip: Ivan Leković
Casting Directors: @smccasting and Hayley Williams
Editorial: @biffbutler at @workeditorial LA
VFX: Doug Luka at @method_studios
VFX Producer: Scott Boyajan
Colorist: Tom Poole
Music: @sethfruiterman at @humanworldwide
Composition: John Christopher Barnes (MAGNES) 
Composition: @jonthubbell (LIGHTBRINGERS)
Composition: John Christopher Barnes