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Devendra is the best. When he approached me for a video he gave me the entire album, and said let me know which song you like and let’s make a video. In the end it was down to two songs, and we couldn't decide which to go with so we got a divination from a Tibetan Lama I had worked with earlier that year. It came back in support of "Foolin", and then, in a meditation I had a vision of Devendra being whipped by a lover, but not as a corny S&M scene but as a love affair about a couple who feel most alive when giving and receiving pain. And while we found an amazing and brave co-start in Joel Virgal (10,000 BC), and with cameos by Hecuba and Lady Tigra, I was particularly satisfied to see Devendra, for the first time, as the star of his own video. There is such a magical quality to him, which my cinematographer Arthur Jafa exquisitely captured. The iconic heartthrob we all knew was in there.


Starring Devendra Banhart & Joel Virgel
With Hecuba, Jolieba Jackson and Lady Tigra
Directed by Isaiah Seret
Written by Isaiah Seret & Devendra Banhart
Producer: Trevor Jones
Cinematographer: Arthur Jafa
Stylist: Djuna Bel
Additional Costume Design: OSK Studio
Editor: Dugan O’Neal
Visual Effect: Benjamin Kutsko
Production Designer: Greg Lang
Art Director: Alexander Kori Girard
Make Up: Sarai Fiszel
Assistant Director: Shadie Elnashai
Assistant Editor: Josh Sasson
Special Thanks: Aram Goldberg and The Levine Family
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