The super incredible LA arts and fashion magazine, Them Rag, have a sweet little profile in their newly released issue No.2.


Them Rag No.2
"The Work of Isaiah Seret"
Written by Bianca Guillen

“In terms of visuals, I do like to realize an environment or genre - I want to create a totally believable world.”

Perhaps it is his philosophy background or years spent in obscure time-zones? Whatever the amalgamation may be, one truth is apparent: Isaiah Seret possesses a succinct vision of the heralded musical underground.
As a filmmaker he has worked with such ascending powerhouses as Devandra Banhart, Hecuba and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros — to name a few.

Seret has successfully attempted worlds comprised of Kubrician dreams of a futuristic passed, sniveling Pinkerton undertakers or rambunctious greasers, to name a few. As Seret notes, “When I am making a video I really want to approach it like I am telling a story — the music is like the script and the real key to telling the story is to keep audiences emotionally engaged.”